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@ Jeffzegalski « Mon 7:56 pm »
Hello. I'm looking for "spirit.ocx", found on original RCX install disk, for VBA programming Mindstorms
@ EmilyGeekX « Fri 11:50 pm »
I can’t see Meeting Times/Info since i’m not a full Member yet :(
@ EmilyGeekX « Sun 7:14 pm »
Hi! I would like to attend the meeting this friday but am looking for details?
@ TroopaDee « Mon 10:43 pm »
Hey what’s up
@ Bricksky « Sun 6:54 pm »
@ Bricksky « Thu 4:50 pm »
Don’t forget to order some GBC balls! ;P
@ TroopaDee « Sat 10:55 pm »
Merry Christmas my dudes
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:55 pm »
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:55 pm »
Later, everyone!
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:50 pm »
So it seems.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:47 pm »
True, but most people lose the differentiation.
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:47 pm »
Good suggestions and feedback isn’t complaining.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:46 pm »
Well, I’ll try to not be the complainer out there... I’m just happy to be there... and helping where i can.
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:45 pm »
Yes, but there’s a good argument for each. I’m personally a fan of non-random teams, but I totally see the other argument as well.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:44 pm »
Okay, back to work I must go.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:44 pm »
As is any topic related to Lego in a group of Lego fans... haha
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:44 pm »
That’s a very divisive topic.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:43 pm »
True. I did like the random teams that happened at BrickCon. Kepts from going up against a stacked team!
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:43 pm »
That is exactly it. No event I’ve ever been to has ever done it in the most logically correct way.
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:43 pm »
We’re going to test run it at BricksLA. BrickCon is also keen on it, I think. There’s a few more complex things to figure out such as teams and concurrent events. It’s mostly just logic figuring out.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:42 pm »
Awesome! Can’t wait to see how it plays out. That should keep those who’s bottom pick is a certain game (chosen just to make sure to get something) can differentiate their preference. Seems everyone is a passionate about certain games, and no two like the same selection of games.
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:41 pm »
Remi & I are partway through a thing which lets you choose in priority, then auto-assigns the best possible fit of people. Currently have more spaces for participants for games (300+ spaces for 250 attendees) so everyone should get into at least something, probably multiple, if they try.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:39 pm »
Pick in order of preference, or anything like that?
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:39 pm »
Awesome. Any new plans for how game selection will go?
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:38 pm »
Okay. I’ll go with the excel again. Scheduling is what I plan to get on asap in the new year. More games to fit in!
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:38 pm »
I formatted it in Excel. Any format that I can copy and past from is great... essentially not a picture or a PDF.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:37 pm »
We haven’t hit our min yet... but many haven’t weighed in yet either.
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:37 pm »
I know I sent you guys a probably terrible excel sheet of it. Is there a format or software or something you’d recommend using for the future, to make it smoother/easier for her (and you, if you get involved)?
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:36 pm »
Side note to the DKK voting thing, where people say that’s not fair to people who buy less, the "little guys": In the example of VicLUG, they struggled sometimes to reach the minimums - so it was essential that the "big guys" get to spend lots, so the order was even possible. Probably not the case with you though.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:35 pm »
Yes I did assist in making it fit and behave itself
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:35 pm »
Yeah I better get some work done too...
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:35 pm »
Other topic for Jason: I think you helped a bunch along with Sarah when it came to the schedule formatting for the BrickCan program. RIght?
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:35 pm »
I want the whole process to give everyone a fair chance. I’d like to be treated fairly, and thus I try to do the same for everyone else.
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:35 pm »
time to get back to work ha ha ttyl. ;)
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:35 pm »
Bingo, Tyler.
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:34 pm »
Ignore them.... Many wouldn’t complain if it was in person....
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:34 pm »
OKay, that GIF is disturbing... gonna remove it
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:33 pm »
Yeah. I have nominated Keith for a new role in the directorship: Enforcer!
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:33 pm »
Anyway. Not trying to tell you what to do, by any means. It’s totally your thing and I have no skin in it. I’m sure it’ll turn out great, just was surprised with some of the hate going on in the thread.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:33 pm »
Me, trying to get things in place!
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:32 pm »
That worked well
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:32 pm »
The last year I ran it, we cut from about 200 to the 85 and I think there were about 4 parts that people defended with good reason, and we adjusted appropriately, and all was well.
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:31 pm »
Crickets are good, it means no one cares enough to bother or speak up. Most people only care that much when prompted.
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:31 pm »
that works... give people a chance to move dkk to another part, or speak up to save... ie for project...
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:31 pm »
Silence to me means they won’t miss the parts.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:31 pm »
Tried that.... got crickets....
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:30 pm »
Not the dark, necessarily. I did a thing where I’d highlight parts that were going to be cut, so people who really cared would have some warning of it happening by a day or two, and could speak up to defend it if they had a good case.
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:30 pm »
Where’s the "EVIL" smilie... :twisted:
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:30 pm »
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:30 pm »
Yeah, I’m now in control mode. Follow the rules or lose your say in the matter. :)
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:29 pm »
Yup. The law has been laid down now. Only those who have registered under our LUG have access in order to limit the amount of chatter about it. I wouldn’t exclude you John
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:29 pm »
yes, keep them in the dark, people will notice cuts, no need to explain (justify) them...
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:28 pm »
Likewise... lol. How useful is this really then.
@ J1A3L5 « Wed 2:28 pm »
About the lugbulk thing (Pierre never invited me to the sheet, even to view...) but most clubs seem to have found that the more discussion about the mechanism it happens, the less happy people are. Some of the comments seemed a bit outrageous, but I think just taking control and doing something reasonable is the best way.
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:28 pm »
Now that I have an audience i have nothing to share... ha ha :|
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:27 pm »
I like it. Its how I knew somoene was here....
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:27 pm »
WOW! acknowledgement of existence. Intelligent life form confirmed! :P
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:26 pm »
I’m not a fan of the sound effects...
@ TheRebricker « Wed 2:26 pm »
Hey Tyler!
@ Bricksky « Wed 2:26 pm »
Hello all. ;)

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