Lego Sets 2014

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Lego Sets 2014

Postby AC » Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:32 pm

Just my view of the new sets coming out this year. What do you think of them?

Marvel Super Heroes-

Spidey is a favourite for me so seeing some more of his foes is great. Like the Electro fig but not so much the Goblin. The set with the Goblin does have a really cool female fig with the Spidey face in the shape of a heart. I still want to see some classic bad guys like A classic looking Green Goblin, HobGoblin, Hydroman, Sandman, and Scorpian... OK This is just a Spidey fans wish list and most are unlikely. :(

X-Men, Wow Liking this set. The Wolverine (with mask), Cyclops, Storm, Magneto, and a Sentinel, Wow! The jet, well it kind of sucks. I will probably get it anyways. :roll:

Guardians of the Galaxy, from what I have seen the sets look ok. The Movie will tell how well the sets do I think.

The Captain America set is not bad. It is a good size, has a new Captain fig, a great bad guy and his cool Hydra henchman.

Ultra Agents

I have read someone elses review on these and they did not seem in favour of these sets, however I like them. I like the vehicles, the figs, and the colours. There are some really great figs in this line. The one on the surf board is great ... well I will let you find them and check it out for yourselves.

Please add what you think of the new stuff in a reply. I am always interested in what other fans pick up when they look at pictures of upcoming sets sets.

Check it out, there are new Turtle, Ninjago, Mixels, LEGO City, Hero Factory, Technic, Creator, and Chima sets. Looks like Hobbit fans will have to wait- December 2014 set release dates. :(

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