Building Beyond bricks contest on Rebrick

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Building Beyond bricks contest on Rebrick

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Rebrick is full of contests this week! This is also a repost from the Ambassador Forums.

The prize pool seems a little out of proportion to the Mini Modular one though. I would have figured there would be more prize winners for this one, but nope still one grand and two runner ups.


We’re exciting to announce a different sort of building contest on LEGO Rebrick, one which asks participants to create a world for their LEGO models using common everyday objects. Use cloth to make hills, buttons as mushrooms, cotton balls as clouds – be creative with your world and your model and you could win. Attached is an image example of this if you need more ideas.

The prizes for this contest includes:

A brick built winning certificate in a LEGO Classic frame
10692 - LEGO® Creative Bricks
10693 - LEGO® Creative Supplement
10694 - LEGO® Creative Supplement Bright
10696 - LEGO® Medium Creative Brick Box
10698 - LEGO® Large Creative Brick Box
10699 Sand Baseplate 32x32
10700 Green Baseplate 32x32
10701 Gray Baseplate 48x48
10702 - LEGO® Creative Building Set
10703 Creative Builder Box
10704 Creative Box
10705 - LEGO® Creative Building Basket
10706 Blue Creativity Box
10707 Red Creativity Box
10708 Green Creativity Box
10709 Orange Creativity Box
Plenty of brick to add to your stash!
Enter before April 20th at 10:00 a.m. EST. More information can be found at:
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