Portion of my Lego collection for sale

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Portion of my Lego collection for sale

Postby DD840 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:43 am

I've got about 3 boxes of Lego; including a bunch of sets where I was only interested in the minifigs. Asking $200 obo.

Parts from:
21304 doctor who (ideas) - no police box or figs, no box or instruction manual
76031 hulk buster smash - no figs
79001 escape from mirkwood spiders - missing figs (all?)
76080 ayesha's revenge - missing figs
76022 x-men vs sentinel - missing figs except cyclops, but has sentinel
79017 battle of five armies hobbit - missing figs
76021 milano spaceship - no box, no figs
9474 battle of helm's deep lotr
76076 captain america jet pursuit - no ms marvel
75137 carbon freezing chamber star wars - no boba fett, han solo, or solo in carbonite
76084 ultimate battle for asgard - missing hela, berserker, thor and valkyrie
79003 unexpected gathering - no figs
parts and figs from a (kingdom?) castle
70803 cloud cuckoo palace - no box
70819 bad cop car chase - no box
21019 eiffel tower (might have the box and instructions)

76061 mighty micros: batman vs catwoman
40138 christmas train (2015)
75900 scooby-doo mummy museum mystery
71209 dimensions fun pack wonder woman and invisible jet

Partially assembled:
21110 ideas research institute with box and instructions
21302 ideas big bang theory with box and instructions

41020 friends hedgehog's hideaway
30293 kai drifter
30472 creator parrot
30609 ninjago movie kai

Simpsons series 2 figs: Maggie without santa's little helper, Comic book guy, radioactive boy
Disney figs: Ursula, Mickey (2), Buzz
monster minifig sealed: zombie pirate
series 16: spy
series 17: surfer
ninjago figs: zane (hiking), GPL tech
more minifigures as shown in photo
misc friends dolls

nanoblock neuschwanstein - no instructions, partially assembled
loz iblock fun deadpool - mostly assembled

Thanks, Denise
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Re: Portion of my Lego collection for sale

Postby DD840 » Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:18 am

Sold on facebook marketplace.

Thread locked. -D

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